Galvanic Zinc Plating

Galvanic zinc plating

It is a process protecting steel parts again corrosion with a layer of zinc coated during the electrolysis process. It is worth mentioning that zinc-coated surfaces are a dozen times more resistant to the adverse impact of water and air.

Zinc plating process

W In the first stage the process consists in degreasing parts in alkaline liquids of high pH. The next stage is the etching process aiming at removing rust and scale. This consists in immersing the parts in low-pH acid. After the preparation processes, the main process of galvanic zinc plating is carried out.


In order to enhance the effect of corrosion resistance of details, passivation in various colors is applied for galvanic zinc plating finish.

What we offer our clients:
Galvanic zinc plating in weak-acid bath

with protective coating thickness of 5÷20 micrometers, which:

  • improves corrosion resistance of the surface,
  • provides very high visual quality – the coating is very glossy


Technical information
  • Galvanic zinc plating in weak-acid bath
  • Blue (white) passivation
  • Rack and barrel zinc plating (small parts)
  • Zinc plating of steel objects with maximum dimensions: 3200 x 700 x 1400 mm

Renovation of shopping carts


Production hall constructions, parts of machines, devices and production lines.


Screws, nuts, gates, fences, bicycle racks, benches, trash cans.