Galvanic Nickel Plating

Galvanic nickel plating

It is a process protecting parts with a steel, brass or copper substrate. These layers have good resistance to atmospheric corrosion and adhesion to the substrate, and they are light silver in color.


The process may be carried out in two stages through primer coating with nickel, which gives corrosion resistance and flexibility to the layer, and coating with glossy nickel, which gives a mirror gloss and smoothness.


The process consists in degreasing parts in alkaline liquids (high pH washing), and then removing rust or scale by immersing the parts in acid in the etching process. After the activation, the main process of galvanic nickel plating is carried out. The layer is subject to slow tarnishing under the effect of air; a thin layer of chromium protects it against losing its gloss.

What we offer our clients:
Glossy and satin nickel plating

Primer galvanic nickel plating with glossy nickel plating based on Watts-type bath with coating thickness of 5-20 micrometers, which:

  • improves resistance to atmospheric corrosion,
  • gives a decorative mirror effect, mostly dependent on the preparation of the substrate.

Satin galvanic nickel plating with thickness of 8-18 micrometers, which:

  • gives a matt effect, comparable to anodized aluminum.
Technical information
  • Galvanic nickel plating based on Watts-type bath with an appropriate composition and additions different for each process.
  • The process is carried out on an automatic line of nickel – chromium (may be stopped at the nickel plating stage).
  • Finishing chromium plating of the nickel plating process in trivalent chromium bath.

Chair racks and frames, furniture legs and bases, handles, knobs and fittings, racks and hangers, furniture accessories.


Parts of equipment for hotels and shopping malls, handles.


Car and motorcycle parts.