Galvanic copper plating

Galvanic copper plating

It is a process used for protective and decorative purposes, most often to settle copper on steel parts as one of sublayers in multi-layered coatings (copper-nickel-chromium). The copper coating has very good corrosion resistance and high smoothing capacity.


The process consists in degreasing parts in alkaline liquids (high pH washing), and then removing rust or scale by immersing the parts in acid in the etching process. After the activation and preliminary primer coating with the sublayer of nickel, the process of acid (sulphated) copper plating is carried out.


Copper plating is used mainly as a sublayer in the following coating arrangements: copper-nickel-chromium, copper-nickel-tin, copper-tin and copper-silver. Copper coating as the first layer provides good adhesion of the whole coating arrangement to metals difficult to coat. It also provides additional corrosion resistance.

What we offer our clients:
Galvanic copper plating

in acid (sulphated) bath with coating thickness of 5-18 micrometers, which:

  • improves corrosion resistance
  • gives gloss to parts right after the copper plating process
Technical information
  • the process is carried out on an automatic line of copper – nickel – chromium
    (only full parts)
  • after the copper plating process, the part may undergo another processes, e.g. nickel plating, or the process may be finished at this stage. Copper-plated parts must be then coated with clear varnish in order to protect them against passivation.

Chair racks and frames, furniture legs and bases, handles, knobs and fittings, racks and hangers, furniture accessories.


Parts of equipment for hotels and shopping malls, handles.


Car and motorcycle parts.